Maximise efficiency through engineering expertise and effectual equipment.


Giving you the confidence that your projects and needs are in the right hands.


Our modular systems are designed to work in the harshest conditions without failure.

About TurnKey Modular.

The TurnKey Modular team have been manufacturing world class modular buildings for use in industrial and mining applications for over thirty-five years. Our Substation and MCC Division, pride themselves in offering complete offsite solutions. All our buildings leave our factories complete with internal equipment fully fitted, integrated, tested and cold commissioned. This results in the bare minimum of site work being necessary. Each building is custom-designed according to the specs of the equipment you need installed. With virtually no size limit, we design each unique solution to suit your specific requirements. We construct the modular buildings using 3CR12 or carbon steel – these superior materials have a life expectancy of over 30 years.

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Markets and Equipment

TurnKey Modular was born in recognition of the need to deliver to site fully functional, tested and commissioned electrical plant. Our collaboration with Efficient Engineering gives the business the expertise necessary to produce mega buildings that redefine what’s possible for off-site construction.

Every solution we offer is unique and is built to meet each customer’s particular specifications. We custom design each building, taking into account the equipment you will be installing. In the planning phase, we ensure that we allow for the necessary equipment clearances. We pride ourselves on our service offering, and in meeting customers’ every need.

There is virtually no size limit on the modular buildings which we construct using 3CR12 or carbon steel. These superior materials have a life expectancy of more than 30 years.

Using expert in-house design facilities for 3-D modelling plus ISO 9001 quality systems ensures that your custom-built modular buildings are of the highest possible quality.

At TurnKey Modular we have well established customers, spanning oil and gas, the mining sector, heavy industry and radio astronomy.

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Our Clients

TurnKey Modular (Efficient Power) has well established customers in the oil and gas field, the mining sector, heavy industry and radio astronomy.

We assist long-standing clients with whom we have worked for decades, and enjoy building relationships with new clients. Often clients come to us with large, complex – and sometimes difficult – projects that we help them take from concept to completion and beyond.

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